C-SPAN Covered the LA 9/11 Truth Conference

Last week a blitz of callers and e-mail activists got onto C-SPAN’s case for not covering the 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago. The message went out on radio and through the internet to contact C-SPAN to have them cover the American Scholars Symposium for 9/11 Truth in LA, and for some strange reason, they consented. Sunday morning at 10:00, sure enough, C-SPAN was in the Los Angeles Sheraton Hotel with camera’s and taped the most explosive panel discussion every to be broadcast on C-SPAN, what could ever be more explosive?Will it be broadcast however? C-SPAN is stuck in a hard place. If they now back out from broadcasting the event (which the powers controlling the government will assuredly seek to impede), then the other dozen plus camera’s there recording the same event will get their footage out showing the “Panel Discussion that C-SPAN refuses to broadcast.” If word gets out that C-SPAN won’t broadcast such an event, then the credibility of the 9/11 truth movement will only increase dramatically with the question being “what are they afraid of?” The answer of course is “The Truth.”The panel discussion included the Conference Organizer Alex Jones, radio talk show host out of Austin, Steven E. Jones of BYU, Dr. James Fetzer, Colonel Bowman of Reagan’s Star Wars program, and the brilliant Webster Tarpley, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA.I kept laughing throughout the conference at the bold, in your face facts, just imagining the moment so much of this gets out to a larger national audience. My laughter was of delight at truth, and disbelief that such powerful declarations and facts were being brought forth. These scholars blew the official government story and consequent cover-up of 9/11 into a thousand pieces. I’ve rarely seen such a focused, powerful presentation. I was told that the presentation will be aired on C-SPAN this Wednesday, but I’m feeling skeptical, yet hopeful. Given how damning this is for government, I can’t help but to be enthused. The Scholars call for not only the impeachment of the Administration, but finds them guilty of high treason, and the murder of 3,000 of American Citizens. These scholars have facts to back them up, this is not speculation. Fetzer gave his “Top 10 Reasons the 19 Hijackers were fake” count down list. Brilliant, powerful. Dr. Jones shared his scientific conclusions of Thermate and Thermite in the molten metal of the Buildings and many other facts, plus the work of many other Scientists joining his side. Tarpley blew us away with his expose of the shadow government’s ultimatums to Bush-Cheney, both of whom are guilty, but not running the show, they have handlers beyond them, and Bowman ripped on the fact that we had no intercepting planes moving forth. We were all warned of false flag terrorism, and told to “not sign the receipt” when the FBI delivers a thousand pounds of ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) to our doorstep. You sign, and you’ll have the Feds on you in a moment with the media screaming about another “home grown terrorist cell” having just been brought down. We see them doing this weekly now. It’s all for show and propaganda, agent provocateurs going in and setting up youth to take the rap for false events. Tarpley exposed this well, with many, many examples of it taking place in the past, including now in Toronto, and Florida, half the time with mentally retarded guys of Arabic descent who are on public welfare, as was the case for many of the “hijackers” though 6 or so of them are “alive and well” in the mid east, and have been interviewed by the BBC and the Guarding.uk. Newspaper.James Fetzer blasted the New York Times with a fury that was superb. I cannot wait to see that footage all over the internet. The New York Times won’t be able to withstand his blow if it gets out to a large audience. The scholars, especially Webster Tarpley also exposed the “left wing gate keepers” such as Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and many others, who are critical democrats and “liberals” yet they refuse to question anything about 9/11, but buy the government line and parrot the government lies.In the presentation, Dr. Jones stated that he believes the US Constitution hangs by a thread at this very moment, at which, the audience erupted into applause.Be prepared, and look forward to recording this amazing panel discussion if in fact somehow, by some miracle C-SPAN actually broadcasts it as it supposedly is expected to do, this Wednesday.I guess we need to look at www.infowars.com for the source of best information on what the status will be.Also, each of the men noted above in the panel discussion had their own time slots where they presented, and those presentations were extraordinary. Keep your eye out for these video’s to hit the internet. These are must see presentations.James Fetzer put things right when he spoke of the reality that we will have nuclear bombs dropped and detonated on this country by these people before they take the rap for their crimes of 9/11. This is the state of our “awful situation” to which we had better wake up now, and be prepared for such realities, for we will see this cabal unleash endless more terror upon us rather than be brought to justice. I cannot even begin to, nor shall I attempt to portray the power of the conference, we'll just have to see to it that we watch the video and coverage as it comes forth.Shaun Knapps.knapp [at] comcast [dot] netwww.awakeandarise.org

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